Hamden Youth Lacrosse is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of the game of lacrosse for boys and girls in grades K - 8

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Rules on the Use of the

Track and Artificial Turf Field at

Hamden High Schol


All parents, athletes, coaches, and officials using the Hamden High School outdoor athletic facilities are guests of Hamden’s Board of Education (BOE), and thus should treat the facilities with great care and respect.  To this end, the following rules should be strictly adhered to at all times:


  1. Spectators are required to sit in the bleachers.  Only players, coaches, and officials are allowed onto the field or track.
  2. No jumping of fences – please use the gates.
  3. Players, coaches, etc. entering the field should walk on the rubber carpet, if available, when crossing the track.
  4. The following are not allowed on the track at any time:
    1. Bikes, roller blades, skateboards, etc.
    2. Shoes with spikes (pyramid or pin) longer than 1/8 inch.
    3. Chairs, tables, canopies, or other potentially damaging objects.
  5. Runners, joggers, and walkers are prohibited from using lanes 1 and 2.
  6. Only turf shoes, sneakers, or rubber cleats are allowed on the turf field.
  7. No dogs or animals are permitted on the track or turf field at any time.
  8. No smoking is permitted on any BOE property.
  9. No food or drink other than water is allowed on the track or turf field.  In particular, no chewing gum is allowed.
  10. No littering – please pick up all trash after games or practice, using trash receptacles for disposal.
  11. Please use the proper restroom facilities, either in the maintenance building, at the ice rink, or in the High School.
  12. Organized use of the facilities is prohibited without a signed permit from Hamden’s BOE.


Remember that it is a privilege to use these wonderful athletic facilities.  To maintain this privilege we must treat it as we would our own house; keep it clean, keep it safe, and keep it nice!


Parks and Recreation Department

Hamden, CT

(203) 287-2579