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Hamden Youth Lacrosse - Safety Policy and Protocols 2021

Dear Parents, Coaches, and Players-

The first priority of Hamden Youth Lacrosse is to ensure the safety of its community of players, coaches, and fans.  In order to mitigate any potential risk of COVID or other communicable disease exposure, we have adopted the following policies for the 2021 season.  It is mandatory that these guidelines be followed by all participants at Hamden Youth Lacrosse events (practices, games, gatherings, etc.).  We feel very fortunate to be able to proceed with our season this spring and want to make sure that it is as successful and safe as possible. 

Hamden Youth Lacrosse Safety Policy and Protocols 2021

  • Players are required to wear a mask or gaitor, when not actively playing in a game/practice, that covers their nose and mouth. This is required during all other activities (entering, exiting, on the bench, etc.).  Coaches and referees will wear masks at all times.
  • Players and coaches should attempt to keep 6 feet of social distance from others whenever possible.  Coaches will run practices and set up fields in a way that helps players do so.
  • Players should bring an extra clean face mask in case a replacement if needed
  • Players should  bring a bottle of sanitizer to use frequently before, during and after practice/game
  • Players should bring a large water bottle filled with water that will last them through their practice/game.  Water bottles cannot be shared among teammates.
  • Players should be dressed in as much of their equipment as possible when they arrive for games and practices.. They should require very little changing time to prepare for their practice/game. 
  • Players should exit immediately after practices/games are complete and go home to shower.  No loitering. 
  • Players or coaches who are experiencing any symptoms of illness should not attend practices or games, and should follow COVID screening protocols.  The presence of a fever, chills, cough, sore throat, digestive issues, runny nose, headache, etc. are indications that a player should not attend lacrosse-related activities until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.  Please use common sense so that you are not putting anyone else at risk.
  • Any player or coach who travels out of the state of CT for longer than 24 hours will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to lacrosse or quarantine as per health department guides.
  • Any player or coach who tests positive for COVID-19 should report their findings to the HYL board (kkaliszewski@hamdenhall.org) immediately and quarantine per health department guidelines.  If an immediate family member living in the same household tests positive for COVID-19, a coach or player must not attend lacrosse and quarantine per health department guidelines. 
  • Spectators are not allowed on the field at any time during the games and must remain in the stands.  At Hamden High School, this means everyone must be in the stadium stands, not on the turf or track.  At Hamden Middle School, all parents and spectators must remain up top in the parking area and not come down to field-level.
  • Spectators are required to wear a mask and social distance (6-feet apart) from other spectators not within the same household at all times


Despite these safety precautions there is still a risk that a player, coach, or spectator may be exposed to COVID-19, illness, or injury.  By attending HYL activities, you are assuming all risk and holding HYL harmless in the case that any injury or illness occurs due to participation.


The preceding guidelines were developed using the advice of the CDC and state and local health departments.  US Lacrosse recommendations have also been taken into consideration.  While we are confident that all members of our community will follow these guidelines, it is the responsibility of our Board and coaches to enforce the policy.  Any parent or player who is not adhering to this policy will be reminded once and then asked to leave the field if they continue to ignore safety protocol.  Repeat offenders may be given a summary suspension from HYL activity.   Please do not put us in the position to have to take this type of action.  


Any decisions to cancel/quarantine team activities based on a positive test result in our community will be made along with the help of the Quinnipiac Valley Health Department.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to a Board member with any questions.  This policy will be posted on www.hamdenlacrosse.org and will be sent to all visiting teams prior to games.


See everyone at the field soon!

HYL Board

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